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Are some magicians like Kris Angel assisted demonically Mary Ann Sunday, July 1, 2018


I happened to run across some things regarding famous magicians. According to what I read, sometimes they use demonic assistance to achieve some of their magic. Is that true?

Question Answered by Bro. Ignatius Mary, OMSM(r), CCD, LTh, DD, LNDC

Dear Mary Ann:

Magicians are really illusionist who use slight-of-hand, optical illusions, and other methods that are squarely of this world.

Due to the showmanship of an occult ambiance that some have, it is easy for them to get curious about the real occult. I suppose some may be seduced into occult beliefs and involvement, but I am not aware of any magician/illusionist involved in anything more than showmanship. The is a lot of rumor, speculation, and interpretation, but that does not constitute fact.

Those magicians who perform with a Satanic/occult persona, even if not personally involved in the occult, do great damage as they inspire many kids to check out the occult.

As a kid I did this myself. I saw the "Amazing Kreskin" on TV, which inspired me to get his pendulum game of divination. Interestingly, in college I met Kreskin and spent an evening with him. The psychology club invited him for a public performance. Afterwords, we had a party for him. He is a very interesting guy.

It is the same with so-called psychics. These people use "cold readings", acute perception of body language, and clever techniques to make it look like they know something about you. This is all a con.

But, if a magician does something that is supernatural and not a result of illusion, or if a psychic knows something that he truly could not know by the techniques he uses, then the source of that performance or "reading" is demonic.

God Bless,
Bro. Ignatius Mary

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