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Mindfulness what am I experiencing? Alexandra Sunday, August 25, 2019


So I've been going to this mindfulness group for maybe 2 months now or 3. At this public mental place I go too. In my country unlike America it seems sadly. Our goverment provides money to the public mental healthcare. So there is individual therapist you see and group therapy. It's for free if your a citizen in the country of course.

So now you understand the background. I've been like I said going to this mindfulness group.

But whenever they do this 20 mins + mindfulness. I get these intense vidi imagery in my mind. I don't know if it's my imagination or spiritual or both. But it's really intense. I mean vidi as I see colour light and shadow. Etc.

So pretty much I see in my mind what you see when your eyes are open and looking around. I use to do mindfulness when I was seeing this other therapist. But wasn't given any guidance and was just told to focus breathing from my nose. And was expected to do mindfulness in a hour straight even though it was my frist time.! Anyway I experience even there intense imagery.

So for example I notice this arm feeling down my right arm as if someone was touching my arm. Next it felt like someone was behind me and giving me warmth. I had a image in my mind of an angel.

Next it gets spooky, I experience like as if someone is walking around me. Then an intense imagery of this alien like creature that was grey and thin with big black eyes crawling on top of me looking at me. I saw this in my mind, I wasn't seeing things with my eyes open. Let me be clear on that one.

I kept experiencing this angel appearing to me. Then one day I was on pinterest and I was just scrolling as usual as you do. I saw this image of this angel, it was traditional painted it seemed. It looked excatly as this angel I saw in my mindfullness. I've never seen that picture before! It said it was angel of rejection! But it had golden hair, gold robe, fair skin. Golen like transparent wings. Blue eyes.

It kinda scared me because I wasnt sure if what I experienced was real or just in my head. If it was real was it angel from God or just an demon pretending to be an angel.
Other things be lk Like I asked God why is it this kindergarten I live next to never experience a kid being hit by a car, even though it's a busy road? In my mind I saw a massive angel coming from the ground with big massive arms out length around the kindergarten building. Or how I saw my therapist angel it was very massive like up to the ceiling in a room and was blue but soft shapes. Had an owl on its shoulder or when Jeus comes and gives me advice when I'm upset about some thing.

what am I experiencing? I feel very overwhelmed by this.

Question Answered by Bro. Ignatius Mary, OMSM(r), CCD, LTh, DD, LNDC


I recommend that you get the book, A Catholic Guide to Mindfulness by Susan Brinkmann OCDS. In this book, she explores the Buddhist origins of the practice and why this is not compatible with Christianity.

She explains that the studies on the effects of "mindfulness" have been skewed. "In 2014, researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore reviewed nearly 19,000 meditation studies and came up with just 47 that met their criteria for a well-designed study." In fact, some side-effect of this practice can be "depersonalization, psychosis, hallucinations, disorganized speech, feelings of anxiety, loss of appetite and insomnia."

The "mindfulness" that you are experiencing is not of God. You need to stop this practice immediately. To counter the effect, which can be psychological or even demonological, go to Confession frequently, go to adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (either in the Monstrance or in the Tabernacle) at least one hour per week, practice daily devotions, and live a virtuous life as a Catholic in the best way that you can.

If you need, include in your prayers spiritual warfare prayer, a catalog listed below. I also recommend the Seven Steps to Self-Deliverance, linked below.

If you need more help, you can ask for a Personal Consultation or submit a Help Request. The links for both those options are below.

Our Spiritual Warfare Prayer Team will be praying for you.

God Bless,
Bro. Ignatius Mary

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