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Why the link is not active? Eka Tuesday, November 26, 2019


Dear Brother,

I am trying to open some prayers that shown in the link,
unfortunately the link is not active. I am deeply in need of the prayer, could you suggest me what should I do?


Question Answered by Mr. Joe Meineke, CCL, LNDC

Dear Eka,

I am sorry to inform you that Brother Ignatuius passed away on December 13th. His site is down and I am not sure when (or if) it will be back online.

Please remember to pray for the repose of his soul.

For information on how to receive help see our Help page. We suggest that before contacting us directly for help you try the Seven Steps to Self-Deliverance. These self-help steps will often resolve the problem. Also our Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalog contains many prayers that may be helpful. If needed you can ask for a Personal Consultation.