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Communicating with Guardian Angel Anama Thursday, January 24, 2008


I pray to my guardian angel and ask for guidance. I read somewhere that guardian angels can answer more directly like as a voice in your head. Like you can ask your guardian angel its name and he can tell you. I think my guardian angel said his name is Love coz that's what came to mind after i prayed to know his name.

How do we know when it's really your guardian angel and not your imagination or other elements communicating with you? Is it safe to try angel oracles? Do we Catholics go into trying to develop some way of tuning into angel frequency?

Question Answered by Bro. Ignatius Mary, OLSM

Dear Anama:

It is a good thing that you pray to your Guardian Angel for help. God has given us our angel to help us. The Church encourages devotion to our Angel.

It is possible for our Angel to communicate with us by speaking to our minds when God allows it but this is VERY rare and is even more rare in the context of answering trivial questions.

However, you ask the right question: How do we know it is our Guardian Angel and not your imagination or even something else. We don't.

There is a disturbing trend among Catholics to seek the name of their Angels. This is a misplaced desire. There is absolutely no reason for us to know the name of our Angel. To seek his name is to open the door to trouble since the devil can so easily use that desire to trick us, or we can delude ourselves into thinking that our Angel has spoken to us his name when it is really our own imaginations.

What is worse, because it is so arrogant and rude, is for people to take it upon themselves to give their Angel a name.  This is disturbingly popular among Catholics. Doing this is no different than if I decided to name you George when your name is Anama. It would be rude and arrogant for me to do that. You already have a name. Our Angel already has a name and just because we do not know his name does not give us the right to name him what we choose.

It is very dangerous to try to communicate spiritually with angels or saints in a way that we are expecting a two way conversation. That opens the door to demonic involvement or psychological delusion.

In most instances where an Angel or God speaks to us in such a manner it is on their initiative, not upon our inquiry. Private Revelations come upon the initiative of God. If we seek them, we may get an experience, but it may not be from God.

As for an angel oracle, there is no such thing. Those who claim to be oracles (mediums) are either fake, deluded, or listening to demons. The Church absolutely condemns our participation with oracles, mediums, or any other form of divination.

The same goes for our trying to tune into "angel frequency". This is not to be done. Those who do it risk demonization. We are simply NOT to be seeking such things. We risk demonic harassment or even oppression or worse by seeking such things.

Rather than seeking things that we ought not be curious about and have no business seeking, seek God and his saints through normal devotion and prayer.

St. Teresa of Avila, the great mystic of Carmel, once said that she would rather have one normal experience than a thousand mystical ones. In the case of what you are asking, it is not even truly mystical, it is just plain spiritualism and divination -- both condemned by the Church.

My advice is to give up this desire completely. Focus on normal devotions. It is with normal devotions that you will find intimacy with God.

God Bless,
Bro. Ignatius Mary


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