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Powers of the enemy? Larry Sunday, February 10, 2008



I hope these haven't been answered elsewhere. I suffer from scrupulosity, mainly in the form of evil/unwanted thoughts. The biggest struggles have been with the unforgiveable sin, the selling of one's soul to the devil, and various blasphemous or heretical thoughts in general. I now know that these are nothing Jesus can't handle, wanted or otherwise. Nothing can keep you from God, as long as you want to return to him.

It seems that the biggest roadblock remaining is dealing with subjects that I haven't found a clear answer to. I need an experts answer, as these aren't common questions. I've got to ask, as the subjects have caused me much inner torment. Please, don't brush these off, I need actual yes or no answers, if for nothing else than my own peace of mind. I'll be brief:

1) Is it possible for one to strike a covenant with the devil? Is that in the enemy's power? What would that even entail? Often, when going to buy something, or even something as simple as moving an object, thoughts or notions dealing with this flood my mind. And, while I know it's stupid to obsess over it, I can't help be worried by them, and I stop doing whatever I'm doing.

2) Is it possible to give things or promise things to the devil? As in personal possessions? Is that in the enemy's power? I've long had many hobbies, and a big problem has been trying to keep from becoming to attached to various hobbies or objects. But still, these thoughts come into my head, and cause me much distress. Nothing's more important than God, and these thoughts are obviously designed to take my focus off Him, but even so, I don't want to lose things I own! If something were taken away from me, would confession give it back, or...? A particularly bad subject here has been with money; if it's not mine, what does that mean when I spend it?

I could go on, but I hate to take up much more of your time. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and God Bless!

Question Answered by Bro. Ignatius Mary, OLSM

Dear Larry:

1) Yes, we can make a deal with the devil. But that has to be done with deliberation. You cannot make a covenant with the devil from notions spontaneously flying through your head. A covenant with the devil is made like a contract. You must seriously consider it, deliberate on it, and make a specific decision to do it.

2) Yes, you can dedicate objects to the devil just as we can dedicate objects to God. Again, this does not "just happen". One must specifically dedicate the object to the devil just like we specifically bless an object to God. A blessing does not just happen, it has to be performed. The same goes for a curse or a dedication to the devil.

We can become too attached to our things. When we become too attached to things we are placing our trust and devotion in those things instead of on God. Nothing should be preferred but God. When we find ourselves too attached to things we need to work out with God. Becoming attached to our belongings IS NOT giving them to the devil.

I do not know what you mean if something was taken away from you can confession bring it back? Confession forgives sin. The only thing it brings back is reconciliation, a State of Grace, and God's friendship. Confession has nothing to do with bringing back objects. If you have an object taken away from you by it being stolen, burned up in fire, or destroyed by a tornado or whatever, confession would have no effect at all upon that object. Confession deals with sin (your actions), not objects.

As for money, the idea that what we have is not ours, but God's, is the idea that all that we have is a blessing from God. We are stewards of that blessing. When we spend money, we are spending the money that God has blessed us with. That is what we are suppose to do with it. God gives us the blessing of wealth for us to spend it on our needs and wants and to be generous to others.

I might add that your compulsive and obsessive thoughts have no weight whatsoever. You must choose free from compulsion and obsession. You can never give yourself or give any object over to the devil based upon compulsive/obsessive thoughts because these dysfunctional thoughts impair your ability to truly choose freely. Just ignore these fleeting thoughts. They are of no effect.

God bless,
Bro. Ignatius Mary


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