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The Importance of Prayer and Perseverance Elizabeth Monday, January 5, 2009


Dear Brother Ignatius Mary,

Happy New Year to you and May God bless you abundantly this beautiful year!

When I spoke to you last there were many things that my husband and I both had gone through and one of them was living at our old residence in Bonney Lake, Washington. To refresh some of the things we talked about, Television turning on by itself, volume going up, being turned off, shadows darting up our stairs and across our entry way, then the writing on our television screen with a oily residue which happened 2 different times.

We lived in this home for almost 4 years and then had to move for a job position for my husband. We thought we were being demonized and searched for help through our Catholic Church and faith. Not everything can be answered but our perseverance in prayer did not fail us.

Before Christmas I had taken the Amtrak train from Portland, Oregon back to Texas. On this trip I met a gentleman named George in the dining car. George was from this area and I asked him if he knew of any hauntings in the area. When I told him the hill I lived on George said, Oh boy I wouldn't live there. And I said why? George proceeded to talk about the Massacres that happened in that area and that Indians lived up there. George said tell your husband to look up "The Battle of Connell's Prairie", which was right in our area.

On my return my husband did some research. He read about Chief Kanaskat who was shot in the spine and paralyzed by the bullet. Kanaskat nevertheless shouted defiance in his native language. Eyewittness Captain Erasmus D. Keyes related that Kanaskat cried, "My heart is wicked towards the whites, and always will be, and you had better kill me. So he was shot in the head. Captain Keyes was quoted, "I have seen men in rage, and women in despair, and maniacs, but never did I gage on a human contenance in which hate and blasted hope were so horribly depicted, as that of Kanaskat. Keyes continues, "we left it in the field unburied."

There is no coinsidence that I met George. Through our Perseverance in Prayer Our Lord has revealed information to help us understand what we experienced. We also found out that on that same hill we lived on that Walt Disney back out on purchasing it because of the Indian Wars and unmarked graves. Wise man!

Through all this, as a Catholic, I now know and believe everytime we say, "we believe in the seen and unseen." Also the importance of "Forgiveness", the Sacraments, Holy water. We believe and know now that Our Lord protected us from any harm. Praise God, His mother Mary and all the Angels and Saints for their intercession. Right before Christmas we also got a card from an old neighbor who slipped in a flyer of our Old House on the market again (1 year later) and it's empty.

Question Answered by Bro. Ignatius Mary, OLSM

Dear Elizabeth:

Thanks for the update and I am glad to hear things are going well. Perseverance is indeed the key not only for spiritual warfare but for the entire Christian life.

As for the Indian burial ground and such, it is not likely the Indian spirits haunting the place. The hauntings, as are almost all hauntings, are demonic manifestations. Demons love to mess with our imaginations and that "messing with us" is easy when causing haunting phenomena around battlegrounds, burial grounds, and places where violence may have occurred.

Actually, I would love to find a larger property that everyone thinks is haunted and has stood empty for years. We could probably get the place cheap to transform it into a monastery (after it is blessed, of course).

God Bless,
Bro. Ignatius Mary

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