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how to discard of them Katie Friday, February 20, 2009


How can I get rid of the scarves? I can't burn them. Can I sprinkle Holy Water on them and throw them out? Thanks!

Question Answered by Bro. Ignatius Mary, OLSM

Dear Katie:

To discard something that may have an attachment it must be destroyed, not just thrown out. That usually means burning the object if it is burnable. If it is not burnable, then it needs to be dismantled, taken apart, or otherwise destroyed so that it no longer resembles what it was. I am not sure why the scarves cannot be burned. But, if for some reason they cannot, then cut them up into small pieces. The following is the instructions I give to my clients:

Procedure to Destroy Occultic Material

1) Bless the object with Holy Water.

2) Ask your counsellor whether or not the item may be useful to the ministry for research or training purposes. If your counsellor indicates that the item would be useful and you are willing to donate it, then after you bless it with Holy Water, and pray over the item the prayer listed in #4 below, send it to:SPCDC, 1111 S. Sheridan Ave., Ottumwa, IA 52501

3) If the item is not sent to our ministry, Pray the following prayer over the item and then destroy the object so that it no longer resembles what it was. If burnable, then burn it, if it is glass, break it up into pieces, if some other material, rip it apart into small pieces, take it apart or damage it as best you can. (If married, pray this together with your spouse if possible):

Father in heaven, we ask you to bind and cast away from me (us) and my (our) entire family and all those who have come into contact with these materials any demonic entities that may have been attached to these materials. We plead the blood of Jesus over these materials and take back any ground the Evil One may have snatch from me (us) because of the presence of these materials in my (our) home. Strengthen, O Lord, the hedge of protection around me (each of us) and my (our) family. Bless me (us) and my (our) family, O Lord. Help is to love You more. I (We) also ask that you be with the person who gave me (us) these materials and free them from any bondage. Help them to understand Your ways and bless them. I (We) ask these things with the intercessions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, Blessed St. Michael the Archangel, Sts. Bruno, Basil, Benedict, and Padre Pio, and all the Saints and Angels of Heaven, and powerful in the Holy and Mighty name of your Son, Jesus Christ, whose name causes hell to tremble. Amen.

4) Dig a hole in the ground and place the remains of the object in the hole, sprinkle the remains with Holy Water once more, place a St. Benedict medal on top of the remains (if burying the object is not possible, bless it with Holy Water and then throw it in the garbage, but first wrap it in newspaper or something so that a person looking through the garbage will not casually see what it is), and then offer the sign of the Cross, and Our Father, and three Hail Marys.

5) Fill in the hole burying the remains of the materials.

6) If sin was committed (using the object) then confess that in the Sacrament.

7) Renounce your involvement in these things occultic, and/or your ownership of these items and take back the ground Satan stole as a result of your sin or in even the mere ownership of the object (if married, each spouse is to pray this prayer separately):

Dear Heavenly Father, strengthened by the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God, of Blessed Michael the Archangel, of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, and all the Saints and Angels in Heaven, and powerful in the holy authority if His Name, I cancel all ground that evil spirits have gained in my life and in the lives of my family through my willful involvement in sin (OR, have gained by my ownership of ___________). I reclaim that ground and my life for Christ. Amen.

Keep in mind that this procedure is not magick. The primary power of the sacramentals (holy water and the medal) is in your faith. The sacraments do have a secondary effect in that they are items that have been blessed and made holy by God. Demons do not like being around such things.

Destroying the item so that it no longer resembles what it once was removes the attachment that it had for the demons, or the curse, or whatever.

Even with blessed items like a Rosary, once the Rosary falls apart or is taken apart and no longer resembles a rosary, the blessing that was attached to the Rosary is no longer there.

Bury it in the ground as the earth has this symbolizes a cleansing from the good earth.

God Bless,
Bro. Ignatius Mary

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