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Divine Office Forum

Due to the death of Brother Ignatius, this forum is no longer accepting new questions. Please remember to pray for the repose of his soul.

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Question Title Posted By Question Date
Memorizing the LOTH Blake 7/9/2018
Themes for the Hours Carol 3/25/2018
5th day in Christmas Octave Patrick 12/29/2012
hours form prayer Patrick 11/4/2012
Canticle of Zechariah Jonathan 9/29/2012
Evening Prayer I for St. Michael Dan 9/6/2012
hours for prayer Stephen 6/2/2012
rigidity in divine office Stephen 6/2/2012
choice of texts Stephen 5/23/2012
Repeating Raedings Brian 4/22/2012
LOTH during Lent for the saints Blake 3/29/2012
1975 Edition of Liturgy of the Hours Set out of date? Cathy 3/9/2012
Re: LOBVM 1962 James 3/1/2012
Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary 1962 James 2/2/2012
RE: Antiphons in Daytime Prayer Grant 9/11/2010
Antiphons in Daytime Prayer Grant 8/29/2010
Responsories for the Office of Readings John 8/22/2010
a Divine Office website I just discovered. Michael 8/6/2010
When do I change volumes? David 8/1/2010
Approved Music Blake 6/3/2010
Which prayer should be recited Chas 3/9/2010
The Reading Deacon Larry 2/17/2010
Prayer During the Day Joe 2/4/2010
Location of Te Deum Michael 6/29/2009
The Feast of the Presentation Feb 2, 2008, Evening Prayer georgia 1/26/2008
Is this forum active? Ben 7/30/2007
Short course on how to pray the Liturgy of the Hours. Matthew 2/14/2005
Rubrical references. Lee 2/12/2005
Vigils and Office of Readings time..., Part 2 Lee 2/11/2005
RE: Postures & Gestures of the Office Aaron 2/11/2005
Vigils and Office of Readings time... Lee 2/11/2005
Postures and Gestures of the Office Aaron 2/10/2005
Vigils for lent Marcel 2/8/2005
Office of readings after Evening prayer Augustine 2/7/2005
Compline Lee 1/29/2005
Your Mother Jon 1/20/2005
Latin Rob 1/17/2005
If Praying Office of Readings Day Before, Pray Compline Before or After? Kevin 1/16/2005
Delay in Answering your Questions Bro. Ignatius Mary 1/14/2005
Our Father Michael 1/13/2005
Night Prayer Lauren 1/13/2005
invititory antiphon/gospel canticles Jesse 1/12/2005
Psalm Prayer Michael 1/11/2005
St. Joseph Guide for Christian Prayer - 2005 Nancy 1/10/2005
Additional LOTH materials Patrick 1/7/2005
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (Mem) & Antiphons Joseph 1/4/2005
Course? Dustyn 12/29/2004
Office of Readings: Said aloud or mentally John 12/24/2004
LOBVM substituting texts Michael 12/23/2004
matins=midnight? david 12/22/2004
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