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Spiritual Warfare Forum

Due to the death of Brother Ignatius, this forum is no longer accepting new questions. Please remember to pray for the repose of his soul.

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Question Title Posted By Question Date
sexual ssaults Renee 6/25/2018
Sigils Yani 6/2/2018
Coworker Black Magic Mary 6/1/2018
Fasting for Deliverance Chris 5/12/2018
Something funny on the way to the forum. Anne 5/4/2018
Talking dog? Anne 3/31/2018
Could this be a poltergeist Ann 3/25/2018
muslim neighbours carmel 3/12/2018
Demonic Sexual Assault Sally 3/8/2018
Tai Chi Neville 2/26/2018
questions about deliverance Lily 2/25/2018
Urgent help needed Mary 2/18/2018
Can occult activity in very distant past still affect? Ian 1/26/2018
RE: RE: Your opinion of the purple scapular? Dave 1/22/2018
Entity Belise 1/20/2018
Difference between SEALING and COVERING Blood of Jesus John 1/13/2018
Muslim neighbours carmel 1/1/2018
house blessing, accused of occultic origin? Cassandra 12/30/2017
Highly Sensitive Person and Empath Sally 11/28/2017
Re: Open door? Shoshana 11/9/2017
Extraordinary Minister experiences in hospital Anne 11/2/2017
Strange happenings. Peter 11/1/2017
Spiritual Authority Brittany 10/30/2017
consecration Richard 10/13/2017
Demonic Element in Witch Trials Eric 10/10/2017
Spiritual Attack on the Heart Mel 10/9/2017
Demonic activity in a Christian woman Michael 9/29/2017
Extraordinary Spiritual Gifts Wendy 9/27/2017
Does this seem strange to you? Anne 9/8/2017
Open door? Shoshana 9/4/2017
National Geographic Wendy 9/1/2017
Could these Obsessive thoughts be Demonic? Stephan 8/19/2017
What do we know about Valentin Fleishmann Ryan 8/8/2017
Ghostly Visitor Carolyn 7/5/2017
Cult activity Kim 6/28/2017
Catholic prayers to break Freemasonic Curses Joel 6/24/2017
Is it truly him? Sophia 6/20/2017
Making Sure The Door Is Closed Stephen 6/15/2017
I was initiated into the OTO cult Anne 3/31/2017
exorcism/demons/gangstalkers who are Dark occult sorcer linda 3/31/2017
RE: Your opinion of the purple scapular? Dave 3/29/2017
Tarto cards again Alexandra 3/23/2017
My daughters dream and related problems. Francis 3/20/2017
Your opinion of the purple scapular? Dave 3/17/2017
Is spontaneous combustion of a human body preternatural Anne 3/5/2017
Playing cards as Tarto card reading. Alexandra 3/5/2017
The Truth About the Devil booklet by Fr. Dom. Szymanski Eric 2/20/2017
Deliverance From Santeria Initiations Vero 2/11/2017
Professional Counselor interested in training Chanelle 2/3/2017
The Rosary for Protestants? Phil 12/31/2016
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